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Discovering new flavors – Somewhere in Shanghai


One day my GF took me to amazing restaurant in the center of Shanghai. She promised me that I’ve never tried nothing as delicies as meals at this place. She didn’t lie.. It was such an amazing experience..

Lotus Eater because this is the name of place is a cheap and cheerful restaurant that specializes in some of China’s more exotic southwestern food. Meals are relative cheap and I promise you that you will not go out hungry. The best idea is to meet with friends and having fun in few people. Because as you know or not in most of chinese restaurants everybody taking meal from one plate.

I can’t even describe you how it look.. You have to watch it.. Enjoy 😉




IMG_5631 IMG_5628

IMG_5632 IMG_5633IMG_5683 IMG_5682 IMG_5624

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